Montessori Solutions Record Keeping is a tool that allows Montessori schools and teachers to simply and efficiently accomplish the challenging task of tracking student progress. It has three main functions:

  • Record Keeping:
    The record keeping functions of the program include lesson entries that track student progress, anecdotal notes about students, parent communication notes and attendance records.
  • Planning:
    The program allows you to mark lessons that you plan to give for any individual or group of students. These plans can be exported in several formats to allow you to organize your instructional time effectively.
  • Reporting:
    The reporting features include a variety of output formats for students, parents and teachers. For students, this can support independence in making responsible work choices. For adults in the classroom, this can support both leads and assistants in helping students navigate their options and responsibilities. For parents, this can provide a clear sense of what children are working on and how that work is progressing over time.

These three functions are integrated in an easy-to-use visual interface that capitalizes on the power and simplicity of spreadsheets. The system stores and displays information in a way that quickly allows teachers to see how each student is progressing through the curriculum and to make plans that meet each student’s needs.